You can use this MouthPiece with:

  • doctorVOX apparatus,
  • pocketVOX,
  • DC-Tuner
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MouthPiece for doctorVOX Apparatus, pocketVOX, and DC Valve.

Phonating into a tube provides various advantages to the user. No air leak is allowed during vocal exercise because the air leak is a loss of energy, which, in turn, decreases the effects of the backpressure. In this sense, lips are tightly pursed around the tube, but this may create hyperfunction in the tongue, jaw, and upper laryngeal muscles.

A new mouthpiece has been devised in order to keep the lips relaxed, and subsequently prevent the unnecessary contractions of the tongue, jaw, and larynx. The silicone mouthpiece is compatible with the Vox Apparatus, pocketVOX, and the DC-valve. It provides comfortable use of these devices in a modular fashion.

The silicone mouthpiece can be placed between the lips or between upper and lower teeth. In this way, the user can slightly touch the device without biting and narrowing the inlet so that additional feedback is used to relax the Devil’s triangle (tongue- jaw- larynx).


Green, Pink, Purple, Turquoise


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