doctorVOX Voice Therapy

doctorVOX  is easy to follow, easy to teach, easy to learn and easy to perform at home. There are not so many things to remember and do at the same time. Patient uses a ‘device’. A perfect and trained ear is not so much required for Lax Vox Therapy. It can be performed not only by voice therapists but also by laryngologists. Clinical use of the doctorVOX,for treatment of any disease, must be under authorized surveillance of a medical doctor (Otolaryngologist) or a certified clinical voice specialist. In the voice clinic, doctorVOX is a holistic therapy for various functional and organic voice disorders (muscle tension dysphonias, vocal fold nodules and polyps, habitual and psychogenic dysphonias-aphonias, vocal fold paralysis, presbiphonias, pre and postoperative phonosurgery etc.). doctorVOX  is also a useful approach for voice professionals. Singers can use it to warm-up and down and to find the ‘position’ of singing voice. By relaxing the unnecessary muscle groups, it increases the consciousness about the vocal mechanism. It can be used to facilitate messa di voce and lowered larynx techniques.